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    İçerik akorların, tabların, bas tablarının ve sözlerin ayırt edilebilmesi için seçimlerinize göre renkli listelenmektedir.


Guest | 24 Temmuz 2015 saat 13:09

Guest | 24 Ocak 2015 saat 00:49

Wow...I guess I am much more of a "visual" person, but I never cnesiderod that people might be so "in-tune" with sound and pitch. (sorry for the pun)But this makes fact, a number of people I have known who have gone to incredible lengths to enhance their audio systems to get what they say are huge enhacements in music quality. I hear the difference their $20,000 bought and I tell them they would get more bang for the buck having surgury on their ears directly.Visual acuteness I get....I never cnesiderod the same for sound/pitch. (makes's another touch, which I also understand...which means ditto for smell I guess)

Guest | 23 Ocak 2015 saat 09:22

A good many vaablules you've given me.

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