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Questions so far: what is the difference bewteen this and a private school. I want to keep costs low, one or two day a week classes, location!!!!!.The classes I am interested in for my family are ones that I either cannot teach or are more effectively taught in person or in a group. Yes, please share this with other homeschoolers. Meeting place and time- how about Panera on Grand River in Brighton at 8:00am on Friday??? Please let me know if you plan on coming [url=]bkbzsdhg[/url] [link=]lcovlwlqwjt[/link]

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Nice comments at that link anon. Finally somdeoby pointed out that in Chocolate Mega-City Two Atlanta there are no black zombies.Obviously drama sells better than harmony but I seem to get the feeling that most post-apocalyptic stories are written from the perspective of people who assume they wouldn't survive, wouldn't want to survive, militantly so; like the only point of survivors is so they can suffer before they join the bitter dead. Oh, well, that, and PC gets to carry over so even the most die-hard reactionaries can have their noses rubbed in the fact that PC most certainly does not depend on the fat of the land being plentiful, no sir; it's PC-or-die-trying for us westerners. I bet the actual history of the aftermath of the Black Death (unprecedented prosperity) sends shivers up their spines. Which is odd for nihilistic population-reduction lefties, isn't it?On a side note, it's a bit odd to consider that (if the comments are correct - I haven't seen episode 4) the one-handed redneck neanderthal is actually in the right and deserves his revenge on the SWPL posse, particularly the prop-not-person black character (was that redundant?) who conveniently forgot to kick him the hacksaw before he fled. And the cop who didn't express the least concern for the man he handcuffed to his doom until he was safely 15 miles out of town. The writers seem to be almost daring us to come to this conclusion. Then they double down by playing the cop up as the selfless hero for deciding to go back and "rescue" the guy he condemned to death (twice, really, the second time by trusting the keys to the black guy).

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