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Greg These pictures will be the memerios of one of our most special days. You captured emotions and once in a lifetime moments that we will always cherish.It was a Fairy tale wedding wrapped up with love . It was perfect! Mary Canaan and Bryan are such special people.We feel extremely blessed in so many ways.You have an amazing talent.Thank you.

Guest | 08 Nisan 2014 saat 03:52

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Linh,It is a nightmare. It also potins to what to me is the weakness in a web mined and/or softeware generated text. To the user of such process, the internet is (to use Friedman's awful expression) flat, with the user's arrogant and illusionary belief that he or she is the only power that can give shape to this material. In reality, all these phrases, etc., have their own history or integrity. The skin of the internet has muscle tone. If you pluck at one place, another part screams.Ciao,Murat

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