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Guest | 10 Nisan 2014 saat 20:46

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Guest | 21 Şubat 2014 saat 00:43

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Guest | 18 Şubat 2014 saat 05:53

At least some of the remaining crew rlaley are hard-core terrorists with ties to the 9/11 perps.Based on what? That the Bush/Obama Administration has told us so? And has told us so A LOT? And this proposition has duly tested the evidence of the proposition in a well-established regular legal process, such as a federal court or regularly convened military court-martial? Yes, I know we've been told all about KSM and Ramzi al-Shibh, etc., and their extroardinary badness, etc . but other than the five or six men convicted before the highly controversial military tribunals, some of whom have been released, and at least one of whom stood mute during a trial (whose legitimacy the military itself is reexamining on its own motion) all we have to this day are accusations, and the continuation of trust us that we loved so much when Bush uttered it. While I'm willing to consider the possibility that after almost a decade of my country's outrageous [and now, bipartisan] lawlessness some of the uncharged/untried/unconvicted men it is holding (a tiny fraction) might be bad people, perhaps even responsible for terrorism, or the 9-11 attacks itself I'm no longer willing to accept it solely on the say-so of a government official ANY government official Now, it's SHOW ME. Present the evidence. Try em, convict em, and if it holds up on a proper and lawful appeal comporting with our Constitution, then go ahead and hang em for all I care But until then, I think we all err egregiously by buying into the narrative that there is so much as a single terrorist at GTMO or anywhere else in American custody until our government is forced to SHOW US and PROVE IT. The alternative allows for the bullsh** we have now GUILT BY CONTINUOUS ACCUSATION. Nope: we can't go there. What we have left are men who are TOO DANGEROUS TO TRY, period, because our (allegedly) big D Democratic government simply doesn't want to have to reconsider its Orwellian look forward not backward abrogation of law, honor and decency, as it would should how we've actually treated these men have to be revealed at a public trial (of any kind). Try em. If they're acquitted they walk. Period. We either believe in our system, or we don't. Clearly, the people in power don't. And I submit to you, that is infinitely more dangerous than the potential for a terror suspect to beat the rap.

Guest | 17 Şubat 2014 saat 21:25

I think Dinesh D'Souza got it backwards its not "The End of Racism" its the bngeniing or at least the reawakening.My parents were both racists as was almost every other white person in and around Washington DC in the fifties. My mother read about the murders or robberies every morning in The Washington Post. Her prejudice was confirmed everyday because the Post printed the pictures of the perps.But then the Post and other papers decided to not print the pictures of those arrested. Those pictures tended to be all black of course.That news blackout (editorial censorship) was in effect for about forty years.Its odd when you think about it. These newspapermen who claimed to believe in democracy and the "people's right to know" unilaterally decided to withhold data lest the public think out-of-fashion thoughts.The blackout curtain is now lifting. Everyone on the street these days carries a cell phone camera and posts their clips on YouTube. There aren't many videos of actual murder but plenty of violent behavior - all the perps are black (or seem to be).This last year or two we have viewed earthquakes and tsunamis on TV. Some God of Irony has decided to stage these disasters as a lesson in comparative racial responses. We see the Japanese queue up politely amid the wreckage of their country and we remember the behavior of the Haitians and the New Orleans blacks.The media reporters again miss the story. They are universally stunned that the Japanese behave well. They expected looting.You don't have to think about it or ponder statistics. It's right there on the tube every evening. You can see the faces. Looting isn't a phenomenon associated with disasters it's associated with black people.Soon people will be led to suspect that we don't really have an education problem either but rather an education of black people problem. We used to say that the communist dictatorships could not stand exposure to TV from the West. Now it seems as if politically correct anti-racism can't stand exposure to the cell phone camera.Albertosaurus

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