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Guest | 15 Mart 2014 saat 09:08

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Guest | 21 Şubat 2014 saat 12:15

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Guest | 19 Şubat 2014 saat 22:29

I'm afraid I had the miuortfne of trying the same poor excuse for a burger some time ago sorry for not warning you maybe we should all pull a list together of really dodgy places.BTW O'Sheas in Knightbridge will make to order the burger they developed with Heston - you may have seen the programme - The one developed for Byron is chuck steak based, which I'm told has the right levels of fat in the meat itself - as opposed to added and it's their mainstay free range Perthshire Black Angus beef. The one I had today in Chelsea was perfectly cooked achieving the crusty caremelised exterior - aka Maillard Reaction

Guest | 19 Şubat 2014 saat 14:00

You've read my mind!I'll be putting up my top 10 gigs of all time next week along with nloabte mentions.Excellent selection by the way, glad to see you're a punk rocker, as am I.

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